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Construction salaries are increasing

Experienced graduates can already earn up to £60k or more, but with demand increasing, salaries are also expected to rise. This kind of money is something that will have to be earned, but it’s attainable with the right experience and work ethic. Depending on your skills and the company you work for, you may also get bonuses and be provided with a company vehicle. We can provide you with the initial guidance to help provide entry into the building profession and signpost you to companies that offer sponsored degree opportunities.

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Graduate Careers

Work (almost) anywhere in the world

With the right qualifications and experience, the great thing about construction is it can quite literally take you as far as you want to go. Work for one of the tens of thousands of booming companies in Essex & London, or take your skills anywhere in the UK or abroad. Countries such as Australia, Dubai and Hong Kong often open their doors to skilled construction professionals.

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Graduate Careers

Did you know nearly 50% of construction careers are office-based?

Over 200 types of job roles for construction are advertised each year in Essex alone. Among the most wanted are Computer Aided Design (CAD), Contract Management and Procurement. With construction becoming an increasingly tech-led industry, new opportunities are emerging every day, and it comes as no surprise that nearly half of all roles now don’t involve working on site.

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Graduate Careers

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What can we offer?

SECTA can offer FREE CSCS cards, level 1 trade courses, help with CVs and interviews, specialist training courses, job opportunities and much more.

Am I eligible?

So long as you are over 18 and not currently working in construction you can be part of SECTA. Some courses have additional entry requirements but this can be discussed when you meet your Client Manager.

What can I expect?

Fill in the form and within 4 working days a Client Manager will be in touch. We will book you in for an informal meeting to discuss your training and support needs, followed by booking your courses. Once you have finished your training help is available in your job search.

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